Convert customer conversations into insights

We use AI to automatically extract valuable insights from customer service conversations

How it Works

Integrates with existing channels

ScopeAI seamlessly plugs into existing support channels to import customer conversations

Automatically tracks insights

ScopeAI automatically applies tags to customer support content to analyze the frequency, similarity and sentiment of incoming support tickets

Reveals Trends

ScopeAI provides a dashboard to aggregate and display customer and product trends over time


Supports Multiple Integrations

View feedback aggregated from multiple support channels

Automatically Tags & Categorizes

Access tickets sorted by topic and nature of requests

Provides Real-time Feedback

Monitor product feedback in real time from incoming tickets

Displays Trends

Investigate spikes and patterns in feedback

Tracks Customer Sentiment

Gauges customer satisfaction from ticket sentiment

Connects Insights to Customer Data

Segment customer insights by customer background



Expedite Product Development

Access real-time feedback related to specific features and deployments. Use data directly from customer feedback to make faster product roadmap decisions.

Enhance Organizational Efficiency

Improve cross-team communication through a centralized dashboard. Empower the entire organization to integrate customer and product feedback.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer retention and sales by better communicating with customers. Analyze which interactions trigger positive versus negative responses.

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